route gadget matrace pb maj sur google

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Re: route gadget matrace pb maj sur google

Messagepar MickA » 09 Novembre 2014, 16:09

Allez zou, on a mis à jour matrace avec la dernière version de RouteGadget:

(rétro-compatible avec les anciennes courses, par exemple les Frances de VTT'O ... 857&kieli=)

RouteGadget 2.11.2014 (latest)
New HTML5 UI. No java used any longer. (except event management). Mouse over effects. Route themes, like color by split time. Automatic GPS track positioning by split times. Touch friendly UI option, you can draw yout route with pad/phone by dragging cursor with your finger. Fix: uses geo-regerencing information in manual gps track calibration. Mouse over highlight/tooltip for every leg works now also for GPS tracks. Animation can be started now from any control, not just from start. UI bug fixes, option for saving event geolocation from gps uploads. Suunto xml (Ambit/TrackPod) support as gps track upload format. Fix: gps amimation absolute start times. 20140303: Now SplitsBrowser js version is included, thanks Dave & Luke! 20140312: Crome gps upload bug fixes. Bug fix, gps track sometimes ended at last control instead of finish. 20140315: Fix, 'save' button did not work with Chrome unless you clicked the very edge of the button. 20140315: "min.sec slower than fastest split" value added to track tooltip. 20140319: IE8 fixes. 20140323: support for adding new languages and better traslations. Latest version display (live iframe from in "about" window. 20140330: new track colors/coloring, language bug fixes/additions, option to give gpx URL instead of uploading file. 20140402: One bug fix, in relay/forking mode hand drawn tracks were not always split correctly to legs (thanks "GPS" Pekka for poining it out). 20140411: gps butterfly tooltip fix, coordinate decimals rounding fix, splitsbrowser not working if extensin is other than .cgi fixed, "fre" language translation (thanks Mickael B). 20140414: various bug fixes. 20140417: Now also live GPS tracking can be watched witout java applet. 20140424: Dots have now tails, both in normal animation and in live gps tracking. Dots does not "blink" any more when zoomed in. Various live tracking improvements/bug fixes. 20140425: Animation slider (at the bottom of the map) for going forwards/backwards. Default language bug fix. 20140429..20140505: New "animation link" -feature. Fine tune animation the way you like, pause it and click "AnimLink" and you get direct link to animation starting from that paused moment and with simplified UI. For sharing highlights in social media or embeded iframe in event's web site. 20140507: count of drawn routes/tracks in brackets after class/course name (like in java version). Better control number positioning. Mouse over track tooltip info not showing near control numbers fixed. 20140510: splitsbrowser in manual mode events may work better. Animation link should remember zoom and dimming. 20140515: New feaure, archive mode. You can gzip (event's each file like "kilpailijat_[ID].txt.gz") or zip (put event files in zip named "archive_[ID].zip") event files, then event is "closed", no new routes are taken in but existing ones can be watched/animated. And also Ian C from down under contributed a new feature - club name list fo RG manager. If you turn this feature on, you can manage list of club names and just select right one when adding events. No more same club name typed various ways. Thanks! 20140516: gpx going past midnight not working fix. 20140521: Small improvements in splits based gps track positioning (start and finish handled now better). 20140529: Drawing with ipad improved and minor bug fixes. 20140915: Bug in no-splits mode fixed. 20141008: Various live GPS tracking issues fixed. 20141102: GPS tracks gets sorted same way as drawn routes. Animlink plays now also in "absolute time" mode. Anim link animation (movin background map) is smoother if browser is fast enough.
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Re: route gadget matrace pb maj sur google

Messagepar simeric » 09 Novembre 2014, 17:27

No java used any longer.

Ah !! le rêve !! :clap:
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Re: route gadget matrace pb maj sur google

Messagepar eol » 09 Novembre 2014, 18:07

:clap: Ah un sacré coup de jeune à Matrace ça devenait nécessaire.
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